We are specialist property agents who take on the role of property finder, negotiator, researcher and due diligence.
We take the time and effort of finding your next home. 

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The Worthington £470,000
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Property Search

Using digital and practical property investigation and due diligence. Sometimes using detective techniques, interviews and forensic search methods.


We use local interveiws,local knowledge,land registry and trends in your area. Combined with a property by property analysis in your immediate area of why are property sold at a certain price.

Property Sales

Your property is an individual media production, not just a few pictures and a listing. We use video,aerial video with drones and digital media technology to create a mini feature film of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Fee For Searching?

First Class Homes

Yes we charge a fee.  As we are working to your brief all the time, we need to cover our costs and that is £450 per month retainer for three months. After that it is a rolling month with a months notice.

What Area Do You Cover?

First Class Homes

Our experience is in Cheshire. Wilmslow,Prestbury,Knutsford,Alderley Edge, Mobberely and Chelford.



Deal With Estate Agents?

Yes, we will go and see estate agents to make sure we are informed of any potential properties coming on the market through divorce, bereavement, probate. We also have contacts constantly investigating areas and talking to people in communities.

What is your Fee ?

We are acting for you, not the seller. The seller pays thier estate agent. When we find your new home, negotiate the price ,agree on an exchange, we then charge 1% of the agreed purchase price at the moment of exchange of contracts.

Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you can do in life. But it doesn’t have to be. We have search methods, contacts, connections and the legwork required to find a property that suits you. Sometimes that means being a detective, knocking on doors, talking to solicitors, agents mixing with local communities, church groups, farmers and yes sometimes going in bars and cafes.

We can :-Search for properties by walking and sometimes cycling through streets avenues and lanes.We can knock on doors, send letters, make telephone calls, carry out land registry searches to find the full story of the property. 

We do all this, photos, videos and report, with supporting documentation. We have excellent contacts, which often means that we can get access to  ‘off-market’ properties that would otherwise change hands quietly without your knowledge.

Our prices are tailored to your requirements and we work for you, not the property owner. As a search specialist, we can also SELL your property using the same techniques, plus standard techniques. We also use digital marketing methods and systems, connecting social media and other sources via our parent company.

buying your home

Starts with an idea, then move on to the type of property then begin to get focused on the area.

After hours if not days of searching, saving areas,printing brochures and registering with agents, it’s time to review the situation and maybe employ a search agent such as ourselves. We act for you and only you, not the seller. That’s because we ask for your commitment to stay with us for four months. If you buy the house we find for you ( which may not be on the market yet), then we charge a fee. This is usually around 1% depending on the brief you give to us.

How We Work

We are specialist property agents who take on the role of property finder,
negotiator, researcher and due diligence.
We take the time and effort of finding your next home.

Digital Marketing

We are specialist property agents with a difference. We dont not just list your property and forget it, we use our digital marketing experts to fully promote your home through social media,video and major property portals. We show people how they could be be living in your home