We are a property CONSULTANTS  in the Cheshire area covering Wilmslow,Prestbury,Alderely Edge,Mobberley and Knutsford Areas. We work with estate agents on the high street,surveyors,solicitors and councils.

Due diligence search  means we will find a property suitable for you even though it may not be on the market. We will approach the owners of land, buildings smallholdings or commercial property on your behalf and discuss a potential sale. If the property is currently on the market with an agent we will deal with the agent on your behalf and act as negotiator. The estate agent is acting for the seller and we are acting for the buyer. It is becoming more and more acceptable for a seller to have more than one agent and we act as the investigator and due diligence agent for the buyer.


If you are thinking of selling your property you can ask us for a no obligation valuation. Most sellers these days will ask three agents for a valuation and then choose the selling agent who they believe will sell their property efficiently and provide the most convincing marketing features and experience. If you choose First Class Homes we will create a marketing plan and website page similar to the ones you see on this site.

Our Services


We use variety of cameras and sometimes lighting equipment to create the right image of your home. Concentrating on features and location. We also use drones for aerial shots, particularly in detached homes.We use Photoshop and other media management tools to create the sharpest and impressive imagery we can.


We'll write a complete description of your home ( leaving out any typical estate agent superlatives ) and concentrating on the practical side of your home, which is what a potential buyer wants to read. The detail is important and we focus on the detail to create a home specification that will attract a knowledgeable buyer.

Film Making

Marketing today must include video of some type, be it a slide show, a snippet of photographs and location or an actual personal introduction by you or a contracted professional presenter. We use all types of video camera and editing systems to create a series of short video clips, sometimes even looking like mini adverts.


What is marketing? Well, it's not just listing a property on Rightmove ( although, importantly 95% of all searches are made on Rightmove). We use targeted social media marketing campaigns , digital marketing, Facebook Adverts, Pinterest,Instagram,Google Search and many other methods TO SELL YOUR HOME, not to promote ourselves.