Frequently Asked Questions

Fees and Payments

Stamp Duty

Yes. We have no problem in you having two agents. You must be aware of the terms and conditions of both which may mean paying two Sales Commission fees .

ChargesOur charges are public. Comprising three parts

  1. Production Cost Set up fee of £750 plus VAT
  2. Sales Commission of 0.75% of agreed sales price plus VAT
  3. Production Cost Rebate-We rebate your original Production Cost Fee

epcIt is law that every home must have an Energy Performance Certificate. You can arrange one or we can arrange one via a certified EPC Agent. You pay them directly and the EPC is yours to keep.

DoIpayagainYes this enables us to carry out the production work immediately and we aim to have the photographs, video and webpages to you for approval within four working days.

Stamp DutyYes, you have to pay the fee, subject to our Terms and Conditions

Sales AgreementYes, on request we will send you our Terms and Conditions, prior to any agreement.

payfeeAs we request a Production Cost Set Up Fee, and carry out the work, you are at liberty to cancel our agreement any time after the work has been carried out.

howlongThere is no minimum period. You can terminate our arrangement any time .

Media and Information

photographsWe can send you copies of the photographs, which are copyrighted to us, at any time. If you wanted to use them with another agent we would provide the licence to use them for a small fee.

videoYou can have a copy of the video at any time. We can send you a copy of the video, which is copyrighted to us. If you wanted to use it with another agent we would provide the licence to use it for a fee as this would mean de-branding it.

floorplansYes, Floor plans are designed using Metropix software or similar and photographs and video are created using various forms of media. These are included in our Production Costs Setup If you do not wish to proceed with First Class Homes, this media is available to you at a nominal charge. The EPC is yours to keep as EPC’s are carried out and charged by independent  EPC agents and you will have paid for it.

propdescYes you can use the description for your own purposes

forsaleboardYes, this is your choice, whilst sales board are effective we respect your choice to not have one and will only provide one at your request. It is included as  part of the Production Costs fee.

Experience and Qualifications

certificateUniversity degree courses for Real Estate in the UK range from BA to BSc and primarily focus on commercial property. We look for skills and experience in the following areas of business: Anti-Money Laundering, Anti Bribery and Corruption,Competition Law,Contract Law,Data Protection and Cyber Security,General Data Protection Registration ( GDPR),Fraud Awareness,Freedom of Information and Information Security,Record Keeping and Project Management. Since 1986 Our directors and associates have continuously sought to be at the forefront of business and law.

We belong to the Property Redress Scheme.

Sales and Marketing

rightmoveInitially your property is listed on Rightmove and other property portals. We also advertise selectively in Luxury Lifestyle  Magazines in  various areas of the UK and Overseas. Because this is a public document and for competitive reasons we would discuss the details of this during our initial meeting.

forsaleboardSince the company was formed in 1986 our parent company has been involved in selling Golf Villas,Commercial properties and residential properties between £500,000 and £4 Million.

TermsIn one extreme case we sold a house for £680,000 in a week. It depends on the price range of the house. A house at £500,000 has more people looking than a house at £2 million. Each price range and location have a selective market, which we use for marketing purposes. Because this document is freely available, for competitive reasons we limit the details of how we do things and are  happy to discuss  the details  in person

buyersBuyers fall into several categories. People who want to buy a house to live in, people who want to buy a house to visit now and again, people who want to buy a house and rent it out. We target sectors of the public who have significant capital. The list varies from 10 people to 50 people

viewersYes, There are no circumstances where we would not accompany a prospective buyer. Sometimes prospective buyers want a second, third or fourth viewing, each time requesting more detail and assurance. It is important that we are in control of that process..

weekendYes, We will accommodate the buyer and the seller in whatever way is convenient to both parties.

followupAt a viewing we establish the level of interest. Sometime we can acertain immediately there is no interest. If that is not the case, we telephone the prospective buyer the following day and confrm the level of interest, which is reported back to you immediately by telephone text or email and email. All records are available for you to look at  any time.

reportYes, as soon as an offer is received we report it to you by email and also by telephone. We  take a view that you want to know everything that is happening with your marketing, even if that offer is not within the range you may be expecting.

duediligenceWe carry out due diligence on buyers and sellers.Such as Government Land Registry documents and other certifiable documents.  In the case of a buyer, we ask for their status during the initial registration of their interest. We check their residential status is as it is claimed to be by requesting documents that prove as much. If the prospective buyer states they are in a position buy or make an offer, we request proof of funds, which could be a mortgage offer or a letter of intent for their certified accountant.

If you have any just send a text or email or call 0773 3265784