Selling your home

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Homes are what we dream of and provide a safe haven for our families, a place for our children, a place to believe in

Selling your home can be traumatic and frightening. It can also be exciting. An adventure that shapes your life.

We are part of your story. Part of your journey for a short time, while you re-write your future and live life to the fullest

Selling Your Home

When you decide to sell your home, you’ll want sell it as quickly as possible and for the highest market price.We are committed to do just that- findng the right buyer.

To make that happen we’ll photograph all the unique features of your home both inside outside and the surrounding area. We’l produce an EPC, floorplans and short video films, like 10 second adverts, similar to the one here. Sometimes we use aerial drones for dramatic effect. We also use internal ‘walk-through’ videos.

We market your home differently to high street estate agents. We use targeted social media adverts, mobile advert platforms,advert networks and digital media marketing methods…and the Black Book.. Read how we do it in the next sequence.

The Black Book

Is it a Myth?

You may think that some high street estate agents  have a ready made “buyers” list in their top drawer. This is not true, although they may have someone in mind for you home.

We don’t have a list in OUR top drawer either !  What we DO have is a Black Book of professional contacts, mainly around the  south of England, who have wealthy clients looking for unique properties of distinction,places to escape from the City, first class schools,friendlier local population and more space with better quality of life. It’s no surprise that a lot of media and professional people seek to find properties in this region. 

First Class Homes


We work for you with full commitment

Fishing For Sales


We never give up


We never stop looking


We never give in

We have the experience

Our directors have worked for some of the most successful estate agents and property developers in the UK and overseas. Selling land,golf developments,commercial properties,businesses and high quality residential homes overseas and in Greater London. Our marketing experience comes from working with some of the UK’s finest marketing brands.

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